Panda Solar Power Plant

Propose of “Panda Solar Power Plant”

In November 2015, Ada Li, an official youth representative from Oregon, US, gave a speech in the COP21 held in Paris. She presented the idea on combating climate change and call for Panda Solar Farms development to attract youth worldwide into coping with climate changing. Her proposal received positive responses and support from delegates. During the conference, she also conducted face-to-face communication with the Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon and Former Vice President of the US Al Gore. They appreciated Ada’s proposal and highly affirmed the great significance of youth joining into combating climate change.

The “Panda Solar Power Plants” Programme was first brought up by China Merchants New Energy Group (“CMNE”) during the 10th SNEC International Solar Industry and Photovoltaic Exhibition in May 2016, receiving great recognition and supports from the United Nations.

Panda Solar Power Plants are designed in accordance with the image of China's national treasure - the Giant Panda. The black part will be composed of monocrystalline silicon solar cells, and the greyish white part will be composed of thin film solar cells and n-type bifacial solar cells. The colors of solar panels are black and white, so that the whole plant is presented as a giant panda by looking down from above.

Entering into strategic cooperation agreement with UNDP

On 1 September 2016, with mutual consensus on the concept of green and clean energy, the United Nations Development Programme (“UNDP”) and CMNE entered into a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly launch the “Panda Solar Power Plant Programme”, aiming to provide innovative new energy solutions to countries and regions along “Belt and Road” routes. In the meantime, to facilitate the comprehensive penetration of green energy, "Enhancing youth engagement and innovation in promoting sustainable development" programme is carried out worldwide by UNDP and CMNE, which targets to drive the popularity of sustainable development concept among the youth group, thereby enables the younger generation to become the future innovators and promoters of sustainable development.

Launching the world’s first “Panda Solar Power Plants” in Datong, Shanxi Province

On 20 November 2016, the world’s first “Panda Solar Power Plants” and the Panda Summer Youth Camp were launched in Datong, Shanxi Province. The launch of Datong Panda Solar Power plant represents a practice of the Group’s commitment and devotion of dealing with climate change and shouldering social responsibility, as well as the strategic starting point of the Group’s respond to “Belt and Road” initiative

Signing of Engineering Procurement and Construction (“EPC”) Contract for Datong Panda Solar Power Plant

On 27 February 2017, the Group has signed contract with EPC vendor, planning to complete the construction of the 50MW Panda Solar Power Plants and the United Nations’ Youth Activity Center located in Datong, Shanxi Province in the first half of 2017. As the world’s first Panda Solar Power Plant, Datong Panda Solar Power Plant signals the official initiation of multi-cooperation between CMNE and UNDP around the world.

Future Layout

Looking forward, as the model of excellent Chinese new energy enterprises, CMNE will continue to closely follow the pace of the national guidance—— “Belt and Road” initiative, accord with the global green energy trend after the effect of the “Paris Agreement”, accelerate the construction of the Panda Solar Power Plants and transmit the green concept and breakthroughs in green development into the countries and regions along “Belt and Road” routes. By taking the Group’s advantages in M&A and projects development, technological operation and domestic and overseas funding capability, CMNE will bring green concept into practice while aiming at achieving remarkable results, and play the leading role among China new energy enterprise by turning the local resources advantages into economic advantages, proactively taking part in enhancing China’s involvement and influence in global economy and striving for the initiative in global environmental governance.

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