Technology Innovation - Global Smart PV Cloud Management Center

Global Smart PV Cloud Management Center

Following the national strategy of ‘Internet+’, the Global Smart PV Cloud Management Center (abbr. Cloud Management Center) integrates Internet technologies with energy management is developed in partnership with the leading corporate in Internet technologies globally, Huawei Technologies Ltd. Co,. The Cloud Management Center achieves centralized management of the group’s plants, helping to realize comprehensive management from four perspectives including production management, human resources management, assets management and data management. This Cloud Management Center enhances the efficiencies of management, operation and maintenance, increasing the total power generation volume while lowering costs for the group.

The Cloud Management Center, through O&M Analysis System and centralized deployment of experts, helps the group to achieve three transformations of operation and management of solar power plants in the Internet era (i.e. from passive to active, from spot to distant and from extensive to fine management).

System Network

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