China - US Cooperation: Panda Green Energy "Belt and Road" Investment Forum Receives Attention

(October 16, 2017, Shenzhen) The global leading eco-development solutions provider - Panda Green Energy Group Limited (00686.HK "Green Panda Energy") successfully held its domestic roadshow tour at the Langham Hotel, Shenzhen. Panda Green Energy Investor Presentation under Zhejiang Capital New Trends brought up a lot of highlights at the "Belt and Road" Hong Kong Stocks New Opportunities Forum. Topics such as China-US cooperation demonstration effects through Panda Power Plant global layout, and the first Zhejiang Capital Silk Road New Energy Fund of 10 billion yuan that supports Panda Green Energy’s new development, have received extensive attention.

Senior officers from China and the US, well-known investment institutions from home and abroad, large brokerage companies, public offering and private equity funds, and investment celebrities, a number of more than 200 guests attended the Forum. In the past three years, Panda Green Energy has increased its business by nearly 10 times. Mr. Alan Li, CEO of Panda Green Energy, introduced the first Panda Power Plant’s launch and shared the Company’s development progress at the forum.

In February 2016, Mr. Arun M. Kumar, Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Global Markets and Director General of the US and Foreign Commercial Service, visited China Merchants New Energy Group and witnessed the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement with First Solar. Panda Green Energy cooperated with the world's leading solar power manufacturer - First Solar, employed advanced technology and successfully built the first Panda Power Plant in Datong. The cooperation between China and the US has had a profound impact on the world, expanding Panda Green Energy’s overseas market footprint, and received thump-up from Europe, America and countries along “Belt and Road”.

Nowadays, Panda is speeding up progress for greater development. The second Panda Power Plant has been launched in Guigang, Guangxi Province, with a total installed capacity of 60MW and connected to grid. In Xinjiang, the solar power plant will leverage the power of internet so that everyone can participate in the new energy development via financial management approach to promote the ideals of fraternity around the world. Mr. Alan Li said, "In the future, Panda Green Energy will build more diversified Panda Power Plants in China, and welcome the “Belt and Road” countries to visit. We will also select suitable templates so as to deliver this creative eco-development solution to these countries, let Panda’s smile travel around the world, to the future.”

Ms. Christine Kelly, Vice Consul of U.S. Consulate General Guangzhou Foreign Commercial Service, attended the Forum and commented that panda solar plant is an example of win-win cooperation between China and the US on business.

Panda Green Energy Domestic Roadshows tour is progressing well and will be met with investors in Beijing and other cities. By then will share about new trends, new developments and new investment opportunities. Please stay tuned.

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