Deputy Director-General of the NEA's Planning Department He Yongjian Visited Datong Panda Power Plant and UNDP Summer Camp Base

 Xu Hongyun reporting to He Yongjian (the first from left) about the construction progress of Panda Power Plant and the UNDP Summer Camp Base


(China Datong, 24 June 2017) On 23 June 2017, He Yongjian, deputy director-general of the planning department of the National Energy Administration (NEA), accompanied by Cheng Zhigang, new energy officer of the Shanxi Province Development and Reform Commission, Wang Mingsheng, officer of the Datong Development and Reform Commission, and other officials visited Datong Panda Power Plant of Panda Green Energy Group Limited (00686.HK, “Panda Green Energy”, formerly known as “United Photovoltaics Group Limited”), and the “Future Climate Action Leader Training Program” Summer Camp Base of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).


Xu Hongyun, the COO of the Panda Green Energy reported the construction details about Datong Panda Power Plant and the UNDP Summer Camp Base to He Yongjian and the group. He expressed his interests in the design concept of the Panda Power Plant, and learned further about the technology, efficiency, cost and environmental economic benefits of Panda Power Plants, and fully acknowledged the innovation and demonstration significance of the Panda Power Plant and UNDP Summer Camp.

He Yongjian (the seventh from left) and officials of Datong, Shanxi Province visiting the Panda Power Plant and UNDP Summer Camp Base 


As a typical coal resource-based area, "Datong Blue" being the city’s business card would not emerge without the development of photovoltaic industry in the area. Datong’s energy transformation progress is going to be of modeling significance to the country and the world. Xu said that as the world's leading ecological development solutions provider, Panda Green Energy is committed to make the Panda Power Plant a model in regard to China's energy transformation and global response to climate change. Datong Panda Power Plant is the starting point of the Panda Green Energy’s global layout plan, and will be the milestone to the global green energy applications, green concept communications and energy transformation. Therefore, Panda Power Plant first started from Datong, and will go out with the “Belt and Road”.


Datong Panda Power Plant is one of the “Belt and Road” projects under the Action Plan signed by Chinese government and the UN on May 14, 2017 to jointly promote “Belt and Road” construction during the “Belt and Road” Forum for International Cooperation, which has an install capacity of 100MW. Datong Panda Power Plant’s first-round 50MW project is about to be connected to the grid, construction outsourced by Wuxi Zhonghai Sunshine Energy Development Co., Ltd. A 100MW Panda Power Plant project will provide 3.2 billion kWh electricity in 25 years, which is equivalent to 1.056 million tons of coal. In the next 5 years, Panda Green Energy will carry out the "Panda 100 Plan", aimed to provide an array of eco-development solutions to the “Belt and Road” related countries by building Panda Solar Power Plants along the routes.


Panda Power Plant is not only the solar power generation project, but also a carrier to promote green concept among the global youth. The United Nations “Future Climate Action Leader Training Program” Summer Camp will officially commence on 10 August. 50 teenagers from all over the country including Hong Kong and Macao regions will spend 9 days in the Panda Power Plant and UNDP Summer Camp Base. In the future, Datong UNDP Summer Camp Base will become a base to train the global climate young leaders, an opportunity to let the youth further learn about climate change and green energy innovation progress, to promote their awareness of green energy, thus to bring more and more resources to devote into the new energy and environmental protection career.





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