Panda Green Energy’s 2017 First 3Qs Electricity Generation Volume Substantially Rises 56% YoY

(Hong Kong, 16 October 2017) The world's leading eco-development solutions provider, Panda Green Energy Group Limited (00686.HK, “Panda Green Energy”) is pleased to announce that the electricity generation volume of the third quarter of 2017 has achieved 560 million KWh and the accumulated electricity generation volume of the first three quarters has achieved 1.6 billion KWh, representing a substantial YoY increase of 56%.

In the third quarter, Panda Power Plant as the national project has completed the second station of “Belt and Road” layout, successful landed in Guigang, Guangxi, with a total installed capacity of 60 MW. In M&A, Panda Green Energy successfully acquired a wind energy project and two solar energy projects which both have been connected to grid, with installed capacity of 48 MW and 20 MW respectively.

Green electricity generation volume of the first three quarters of 2017 of Panda Green Energy has achieved 1.6 billion KWh, and can meet the demand of 2 full years electricity use of all households in Hong Kong Island, which is equivalent to saving 510,000 tons of standard coal or reducing 1,340,000 tons of CO2 emission or emitting 779 tons of smoke and dust; it is also equal to a reduce of 12,938 tons of SO2 emission or 12,003 tons of nitrogen oxide emission, which is the CO2 volume that 73.08 million trees can absorb.

Panda Green Energy has been assimilating promotion of the sustainable development concept into the business operations, focusing on the benefits of the community. The major achievements include the China-US cooperation results "Panda Power Plant", PGO photovoltaic green ecological cooperation organizations and Buddhist public welfare projects "Lingyin Solar No.1 ", Youth leadership Camp for Climate Action the United Nations .In the future, Panda Green Energy will continue to lead more new energy companies to expand the green power field, through innovative business models, cutting-edge technology application and cross-border optimizing integration and various other forms, explore a new green ecological development road.

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