The First Summer Camp of the Future Climate Action Leader Training Program by UNDP and Panda Green Energy is Recruiting Campers

The teenage growth and development have been always a key issue of the long-term development agenda in China and around the world. Teenagers are the owners, users, and the policy makers towards the future environment. It is critical to have their concerns and understanding to the environment and sustainable development issues. In China, the voice of young people is gradually heard in the field of social development as well.


In this regard, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) decided to promote youth innovation and foster the future climate action leaders this summer; to allow young people to understand the environment we live, the challenges of climate change, and the existing solutions; to mobilize them commit to Sustainable Development Goals (Goal 7: Affordable and Clean Energy, Goal 13: Climate Action) through innovative actions. The United Nations officials will be invited to introduce how to participate in the work of the United Nations. Through various debates and speeches, they can participate in the innovative entrepreneurship workshops and have face-to-face communication with technology leaders, to help themselves develop innovative thinking, organizational ability, teamwork learning and communication skills.



This is a free summer camp;

This is a simple but fruitful summer camp;

This is the chance that allows you to get in close touch with United Nations officials;

This is the First Summer Camp of the Future Climate Action Leader Training Program by UNDP and Panda Green Energy!



You will gain:

Outstanding Camper Certificate issued by the UNDP;

Promotion in your background – the Summer Camp will broaden your horizons, provide high-quality and technologically creative workshops;

Fulfilled experiences – interacting with technology leaders and other excellent campers.







Day 1

Opening Ceremony

Beijing to Datong

Introduce the mission, public welfare purpose, objectives, and precautions of the Summer Camp

Day 2

Speech from the Camp Director: the origins, goals and future tasks of the Summer Camp of the Future Climate Action Leader Training Program; ice-breaking activity.

Invite energy experts to tell stories about solar power generation system; campers assemble solar power generation system models and share experience with each other in groups.

Learn the song of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals; ice-breaking interactive performance.

Day 3

Invite business leaders to talk about how the scientific and technological innovation change the world; energy experts share the origins, technology and future development of solar power generation with the campers.

Invite the United Nations officials to introduce the origins and significance of the United Nations and the UNDP, organize campers to simulate the United Nations debate on relevant environmental and climate issues.

Documentary sharing: “An Inconvenient Truth”

Day 4

Invite energy business leaders to give a speech on the next generation solar power products; visit the fishpond, eco-agricultural and other solar power generation systems, introduce solar power generation new technology theory.

Visit Yungang Grottoes;

Fishing game in the fishpond solar power plant.

Dinner: BBQ

Day 5

Invite technology leaders to talk about market value of renewable energy; environmental friendly creative works DIY.

Debates on related topics.

Watch French documentary: “Home”

Day 6

Invite technology companies to share UAV technology applications, free group discussion and UAV flying, multi-angle aerial photographing panda power plant; watch a short film about the environmental protection in Maldives

5-8 minutes play; give key words as “panda” “Datong Blue” “frog” and play props, explain the rules; introduce the basic knowledge of directing a play; create the play in groups.

Open-air movie: “Wild China” by the UNDP; invite the famous wildlife photographer to share interesting stories.

Day 7

Introduce the future energy storage projects; visit the Panda Power Plant with the local teenagers and exchange ideas; the United Nations officials introduce how to become a volunteer and participate in the United Nations work

Invite officials from Sichuang Panda Protection Base to educate about the protection of giant pandas; invite Chinese Peacekeeping Force officers to share the peacekeeping experience and field survival skills.

Movie: “Born In China”

Day 8

Innovative Entrepreneurship Workshop for Middle School Students

Draw the "Panda Solar Plant" in your mind in groups


Write a letter to a Future Me

Day 9

Share the implementation and future prospect of Panda Solar Plant, take group photo, graduation graffiti wall, and exchange souvenirs.

Closing ceremony: 9 days review, video playback;

In groups, every camper gives a 4 minutes speech about “how do future leaders walk out of summer camp";

Share feelings; after the speech, the UNDP awards outstanding campers with certificate and take photos;

Secret activity: celebrate the birthday for kids born in August;

Give campers the camp life photo album

Gathering and a bonfire party.

Note: the actual arrangement may be adjusted according to the weather and other reasons. The actual itinerary is subject to the final announcement.



What are you waiting for?

Application time: May 25- June 25 2017 Beijing Standard Time

Age: 13-17 years old

Enrollment: 50 ppl

The commence time: August 2017

Camp location: Datong County, Datong City, Shanxi Province, the "Future Climate Action Leader Training Program " Summer Camp Base

Meeting Location: the United Nations Development Program, China Representative Office, No.2 LiangMaHe NanLu, Chaoyang District, Beijing. (Note: transportation costs to and from Beijing need to be paid by campers themselves)


How to apply

  1. Complete the application form (Copy and paste this link and download the application form pan.baidu.com/s/1dF7rDAh)
  2. Submit a recent medical examination report (within three months)
  3. Submit a video of yourself (less than 60 seconds) explaining why you want to join the camp and have you ever participated in / done any environmental protection activities before. Make the videos interesting and appealing. Please upload the video to the Tencent or Youku and fill the video link in the application form


Please send the application form (enclosed with self-video link) and the medical report to: panda_ylc@qq.com, with the mail title in the unified format: applicant name + school name. For shortlist candidates: UNDP will send notice to the E-mail in the application form before June 30, 2017, and may be subject to changes in the actual situation.


Our Camp Base

Our camp base is highlighted of green, environmental, friendly, lively theme

The decoration was selected of environmentally friendly materials, and each dormitory was for four campers use, with a separate bathroom and bathroom

We also carefully prepared modern exhibition halls and classrooms for the campers

In the base there is a miniature demonstration area of a combination of agriculture, pond and photovoltaics


Our Safety Guaranty

A closed Summer Camp, equipped with professional security, medical staff and tutor In first day

We take the bus to leave from the United Nations representative office in Beijing, to summer camp base in Datong, Shanxi Province

After the camp commences, we regularly send activities photos through Weibo and WeChat, taking record of the study progress and results of the campers

Provide each camper with professional insurance; food ingredients strictly selected, to ensure food safety and healthiness


UNDP Official Declaration

Once registered to the program, the applicant will be regarded to accept and conform to the official rules. Any participant who violates the official rules will be deprived of participation, and the UNDP reserves the right to final interpretation of the qualification for participating in the summer camp.


UNDP is calling you to apply soon! Please refer to the "I want to apply" section for application details, the deadline is 25 June! Please pay attention to the application deadline, you don’t want to miss it!

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